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Screen Printing & Embroidery

Screen Printing

This is the oldest and the best branding method for most of the items that we stitch. Screen printing is fast, reliable, in-expensive, permanent and usually outlasts the printed item! Quality non-fade inks and expertise means prints that remain crisp clear even after the strongest laundry detergents.

While screen printing is best suited for bulk items as the cost becomes considerably lower with higher volumes, we are flexible enough not to have a minimum order number - no order is too small!

Screen printing is best seen on all fabric items such as t-shirts and dustcoats, pvc and plastic items, leather and denim. From one colour artworks to multi-color spot designs and full-colour halftone/gradients artworks, we have the best screen printing services. Talk to us about quality guarantee - we will stand by our prints!
We also have special graphics printing such as glitter, puff and plastisol prints.


Quality long-lasting heat transfer paper:

Using our Inkjet Transfer papers has never been easier - here's how to get the best results;


For Professional branding and DIY t-shirt decorators

Does not wash out on first wash, soft hand feel

Discounted full colour printing on inkjet paper bought from us.


Heat Transfer Paper

We stock heat transfer paper and pressing services too. Paper is availabe for both light and dark coloured items for inkjet printers. And if you need it printed right away, just carry your artworks or photos on soft copy. We also press your items either a fast curing method for your water-based screen printing or as part of heat transfer.
This is convenient for doing full artworks and photographs. Our paper can be used both on a commercial press or a home iron.



This is executive branding by using threads to reproduce your artworks, logos and letterings normally done on shirts, caps, polo-shirts, protective wear and specialty items such as bags, folders and gift items.

Executive quality embroidery services for both flat and caps. High speed, high volume stitching of full colour logos, lettering, supplied artworks.

Embroidery is done from one color to 10-color artworks, we are able to reproduce your logos and artworks on the items in a crisp clear and permanent branding that never fades or spoils, stands out and adds that executive value to your branded items - building on your brand identity and making you stand out from the rest.


We also do sample origination and embroidery graphic design or punching. Punching for sampling or costing purposes and re-designs. We convert your logos and artworks into machine readable formats for all embroidery machines.

You may also come with your pre-designed artworks in machine format on a USB disk.


Embroidery can be done on most stitched items such as polo-shirts, caps, shirts, dustcoats, overalls, aprons, uniforms, and many other items.